Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sports Award

On Tuesday we presented the winner of our Clewer trophy for sporting excellence. Many congratulations.

Goodbye Y6

On Tuesday we said goodbye to our fabulous Y6 class.

Ladybirds said goodbye to the butterflies

They watched the butterflies hatch from cocoon then released them in to the wild. A memorable day.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Sports Day

Well done to everyone who took part in our KS2 Sports Day this morning. The overall winners were Ennis. I have attached some photos to this blog. Thank you to Mrs Petty for doing such a wonderful job of organising this.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Expansion Blog Update 8

Process for commenting on the proposals with Planning

The planning department website can be found through website and choosing Planning and Development.  The link is:

To view the details of the planning submission relating to Moor Hall choose

  • View planning applications and documents, then from the box on the left of the screen choose
  • Access Planning Online and finally click on
  • Application Number Search.   Now type in the box the Moor Hall Planning Application reference number which is 2017/05933/PA.  You will need to scroll to the bottom of the screen and then click “Search”.  This will bring up the application detail page.

If you click on the Application Number displayed in the left hand column this will then allow you to see the full details of the Planning Application. 

You can use planning online to:
  • Check the progress of current planning applications and appeals.
  • Comment on applications awaiting decision.
  • View documents, plans and decision notices associated with applications since January 2006.
  • View the planning history of a property since 1948.

If you wish to comment on the Planning Application you can do so using Planning Online via this page.  Click on Submit Comments Here which can be found under the Application Progress Summary heading on the line which states Application Registered 20-07-2017, under the section entitled “Please Enter Comments and personal Details Below”.  Once you have completed your comments and personal details you can submit them for consideration by the Planning Department by clicking the purple “Submit” button.

The attached Statutory Site Notice gives further details about the planning consultation.

It should be noted that all comments need to be received by the Planning Depart by 17th August 2017.

Please find below the official guidance from the Planning Department for commenting on Planning Applications:

How to comment on a planning application
You can submit comments supporting or objecting to planning applications using Planning Online:
  • Search for the application you wish to comment on using the Application Number or address.
  • Click on ‘Add Comments Here’.
  • You will usually have 3 weeks to comment on a planning application. The consultation end date will appear on Planning Online, and we cannot guarantee that any late comments will be accepted.
  • If you comment on an application we will notify you of the outcome.
  • To check the progress of an application visit Planning Online.
We do not currently publish comments online, but they will be available for inspection by the public and copies provided on request, therefore you should ensure that personal information is omitted from the comment text itself.
What you can say in your comment
Comments received must relate to planning matters.
These include:
  • Loss of privacy
  • Loss of light
  • Intensity of development
  • Design and appearance
  • Highway matters, for example traffic and parking
  • Impact on community facilities
We cannot take into account:
  • Loss of property value
  • Commercial competition
  • Loss of view
  • Disturbance during building work
  • Land ownership disputes
Independent advice is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau and Planning Aid.
Other ways to comment
If you do not want to or are unable to use Planning Online, you can contact us by email or letter to let us know your comments.
If an application goes to the Planning Committee, you may request to speak at the Committee Meeting.
If you need an interpreter, or have a disability that makes it difficult to view or understand the plans, please contact us to arrange further help.

Reading Challenge Winners

At the end of the reading challenge there is a prize draw. Well done to our winners. A huge thank you to our PA for purchasing all of the books and Mrs Menmuir for organising the challenge.

Reading Challenge Assembly

WOW! We are bowled over by the number of children who have risen to the 'Reading Challenge'! During the challenge period, one of our Y6 children read 51 books (and they weren't short ones either!)

A huge well done to everyone.

Expansion Blog Update 7

The Education Infrastructure Team have issued the following statement:

20th July 2017

Moor Hall Primary School Expansion: Update

Following the Schools Adjudicator’s conditional ruling to approve the expansion of Moor Hall School providing planning approval is granted by 21st July 2017:

  • Birmingham City Council (the Local Authority) asked the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (the OSA) for a modification to the condition of achieving planning permission by 21st July 2017 (on the basis that it is difficult for the Local Authority to implement the proposal).
  • In preparation, while the Local Authority awaited a response from the OSA, the Education Infrastructure Service submitted the planning application on 4th July 2017
  • The OSA have responded to the Local Authority and determined that a modification to the conditional planning date is not possible.

  • Due to the condition of planning permission not being achievable by 21st July 2017, the Local Authority will do the following:
    • Not implement the proposal to expand Moor Hall Primary School for 1st September 2017.
    • Under advisement, submit to the OSA the proposal, as outlined, with both a modified conditional date to achieve planning and modified implementation date of 1st September 2018.

  • Reception places for pupils in 2017:
    • The Local Authority acknowledges that not implementing the expansion for 2017 will cause inconvenience and disappointment for members of the local community that are looking for a local school place in this part of Sutton Coldfield.
    • The Local Authority will continue to closely monitor the demand for Reception places during 2017 and implement reactive measures where possible.

  • The Education Infrastructure Team will provide further updates when the outcome of the most recent request to the Schools’ Adjudicator is known.
  • If all relevant approvals for implementation 2018 are achieved, the Local Authority’s Education Infrastructure Service will establish a Stakeholder Group for the duration of the project to ensure there is an on-going opportunity to communicate and engage with interested parties.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Into the Woods

Some pictures from our amazing show have been published on the Y6 class page this evening. A HUGE well done to everyone for a fabulous performance.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Expansion Blog Update 6

We have received confirmation this morning that Moor Hall School will not be able to receive any new children for Reception in September 2017.